First post, should cover the first half of the course…

but I will actually add attachments as a comment after I will have completed the course.


Because the dictionary that I assembled in Excel/OpenOfficeCalc contains not just the words from Headstart2, but also other courses (including the MIT)- as well as the required words for HSK1, HSK2, HSK3 (in Europe, equivalent to A1 A2 B1).

So, the dictionary could be confusing right now: and if you download Headstart2 Mandarin and browse its directories, you will find a complete dictionary of the first half of the course, with audio etc.

Instead, each module of the second half of the course contains within each task a list of phrases and words that act as “stepping stones” both on the task they belong to and the module they are associated with, and for further modules and tasks.

Therefore, it makes sense to actually printout and review them before moving to the next module, and to review.

My publication will be erratic, as it depends on when I will have time to move forward, but it will follow a simple rule: I will publish the phrases from a module only when I will have started the next module.

This should allow to remove typos etc (basically, I re-read more or less on a daily basis the previous module phrases, and then do a second run on each module before moving on the next one: did so on the first half of the course, will keep doing it on the second half).

Based on my experience with the German and Spanish courses, I suggest that you actually download it and, once completed, let some time since you ended it, and then, only then, do a second run through it (it should be much faster): if you are still satisfied with the results… print the certificate 🙂

Caveat: as stated in the introductory page, Headstart2 Mandarin delivers a certificate for the first half, and a certificate for each module of the second half, plus a final certificate.

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “First post, should cover the first half of the course…

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